Help / FAQ

You will find answers to common questions below.    However, if you cannot find an answer, you can contact us by sending general questions by email to and loan related questions to    Note that email is not a secure form of communication  do not send account numbers, account information, personal information, users names or passwords.

Q: What should I do if I forget my Internet banking password?

A: Go to the Log In area and enter the same user ID you initially set up. When you get to the field where you must enter your password, click on the “Forget your password?” tab. You will then be asked to answer the two security questions you answered when you initially set your password. Once these questions are answered correctly you will be required to reset your password. If you are still having problems logging in, contact the bank for assistance.

Q: What if I suspect bank fraud or fraudulently activity in my online banking account?

A: Our Online Banking Service has monitoring systems and other controls in place to recognize and help prevent fraud. Philo Exchange Bank will never attempt to gain your personal or account information via email, text message or automated phone calls. If you believe you are the victim of bank fraud, contact us immediately for assistance. Also, see online banking fraud

Q. How can I Get a Debit Card for my account?

A.  You can download, print and fill out our PDF application form and bring it to the bank. Or you can get the form at one of our locations. Download Debit Card Application

Q: What are my daily debit card limits?

A: You have daily limits of $300 in cash.  You have a daily limit of $1100 in purchases AND cash.

Q: What should I do if my debit card gets lost or stolen?

A: Contact the bank immediately, at any of our four locations.  If after bank operating hours, please call the Card Services hotline (833) 809-9957.  You will be asked to provide your name and social security number, or the number that appears on your debit card.

Q: Does the bank have my PIN number if I forget it?

A: No, the bank does not know your PIN.  If you have forgotten your PIN, you may contact any one of our four locations and we will be able to get you a different PIN of your choosing.  Please know that you may be asked to stop in to pick up the information for security purposes.

Q: Can I use my Philo Exchange Bank debit card to reserve a hotel room or plane tickets?

A: You can, however, it is not recommended. If you use your debit card to hold a room, be advised that the amount you have authorized will decrease your daily totals available.